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About Us

Natural & Organic Market (NOM) arises from the need to find quality organic products in Australia at an affordable price. Our goal is to bring the best of a traditional natural organic market structure with the benefits of buying online, to create a meeting place for local organic producers and consumers to sell, buy and share knowledge.
By buying organic products online in Natural & Organic Market, you get deals on organic products, you can only find online and the personal service and advice you get from your local health store.
To help you find your needs, all our products were organised in categories (shelves) and  labelled as certified organic, gluten free, dairy free, sulphate free, vegan friendly, vegetarian friendly, fair trade or organic ingredients products.
But if you still need help, you can chat with us at any time, we'll be pleased to assist you!


You might as well want to share your natural, healthy and organic recipes, tricks and experiences with NOM community on our Facebook page, or learn from other members experiences.


As part of our strategy to develop an environmentally and socially  friendly  sustainable  business, NOM promotes the creation of buyer communities. Contributing effectively to reduce our carbon emission footprint by centralising shipping, and to Australians well-being by increasing individuals buying power  giving them access to wholesale prices.
Not to mention the opportunity to encounter like-minded people not only to share your orders but also your interests, your experiences, tips and knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, organic foods, superfoods, vitamins & supplements, natural remedies, natural and organic beauty products, environmental friendly cleaning products, etc…


Your reviews not only help us to refine the selection of organic products and brands we bring to you, but help other costumers to choose the best value. So please, leave your comments.


NOM aims to bring to every Australian home, top quality organic products at a reasonable price because a conscious healthy life isn't luxury, it is a must!



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